Developed in keeping the various requirements of business in mind, The DumiSoft Cycle can help you eliminate human errors while writing cheques along with many other benefits!

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DumiSoft Cycle Cheque Book is designed as efficient cheque printing software for different types of cheques from different banks across the globe. The cheque writer is created with customers needs in mind thus allowing you to transform the costly, labour-intensive and multi-step check writing process into a smooth, safe and well streamlined process that will help enhance your efficiency and productivity.

DumiSoft cheque printing software online and Petty cash Management Software is designed for different companies and individuals around the world. DumiSoft Cycle is a turn-key cheque writing solution that includes: –

-Cheque writing software
-Secure cash management software
-Post-dated cheque management
-Ledger Information
-Bank Statement

The easy-to-use software is also designed to help individuals and businesses with many other features such as: –

- PDC and Cheque
- Book Management
- Bank transfer records and reconciliation report
- Cheque alert and reminder
- Cheque issue, receipt
- Cash payment & receipt voucher
- Multi-petty cash account
- Party and accounts report
- Contra voucher

Some of the features you are guaranteed of when using this Dumisoft Cycle software include the following

International use

As cheque writing software, DumiSoft Cycle can be used for any bank and in any country the world over. The cheque writer software is designed to print on different cheque sizes from different countries to normal office printers. DumiSoft Cycle is a multi-user, multi-company, multi-cheque book, multi-bank account, and multi-language and multi-currency software.

Multiple cheque designs

DumiSoft Cycle has different pre-installed cheque designs from different banks. This means you can easily print on cheques from different banks without any hassles. You do not need to wait for cheque designs to be integrated into the program but can instead start using the cheque printing software immediately upon installation and save time.

Integrated Cheque Template Designer

Simply design any bank’s cheque design using the integrated template designer if your preferred bank cheque design isn’t available. The process is simple with drag and drop options available for designing multiple cheque book layouts. Th software offers many other printing features including font styles, sizes and colours, date format.

Automatic Client’s detail retrieval

DumiSoft Cycle allows you to save your clients names into the system for auto-retrieval whenever you need to write another check in future. This allows you to enter the actual details by simply typing the first few letters of your client’s name. This helps save time.

Post-dated cheque alerts and reminders

Avoid penalties arising from unpaid post-dated cheques by using DumiSoft Cycle. The cheque writer software online is designed to give you alerts and remind you of all your post-dated cheques to remind you about upcoming cheque dates and amount to avoide unnecessary penalties you are likely to incur when such cheques are not honored.

Multiple cheque printing options

With this software, you are able to issue multiple cheques for rent or installment payments. With a simple click, just print many cheques to the same client by selecting the amount payable on each cheque, cheque payment dates/intervals, payee name, and number of cheques. You don’t have to do this manually while DumiSoft can do it for you in just a few clicks

Non-negotiable/Account Payee cheque crossing optionss

DumiSoft is unique in that it allows you to print on your cheques and option to cross them with “Non Negotiable” or “Account Payee”. This is an important feature you do not find with many other available cheque printing software.

High security levels

DumiSoft Cycle users can be assigned different security levels including amount limits they can write on cheques, whether they can edit or delete cheques, or enjoy other user privileges. You can also backup and restore all the information in the cheque printing software for safety purposes. In case data is lost or the system has crushed, restoring and accessing the information becomes easier thus avoiding any stress and losses.


DumiSoft also offers many other features such as advanced search options for to export data in different formats including Excel, PDF or hard copy. In addition, you can write and print cheques in different currencies especially if you are involved in international business where you need to write cheques for your clients in currencies different the one you use locally. The cheque writing software and petty cash management software is compatible with any Windows Operating System version including Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista or other editions

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